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Continuing our journey in space, Headflow released it’s 4th track: Eagle Has Landed

This track is inspired by the first men landing on the moon. It is an energetic funk-fusion song, with groovy drums (Koen van Velzen) and a funky hammond-organ solo (Hans de Wild). With a sturdy bass (Ivan Schoelink) and energetic guitar parts (Dominggus Pfaff) this song is inspired by artists like Herbie Hancock, Cory Wong and Jeff Lorber.

In this track you can hear the original audio sample of the astronauts landing on the moon. 

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Can you imagine the feeling of wonder and awe, that while floating in a spaceship, falls upon you at the first appearance of the earth? An image that only a few will experience in their life: Not the moonrise but the magnificent: Earthrise!

Hear the voices of the astronauts in this track as they get their first glimpse of the earth rising.

Drums: Koen van Velzen
Bass: Ivan Schoelink
Guitars: Luca Bellanova
Keys: Hans de Wild

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To The Moon is the second single from Headflow. Producer and professional drummer Koen van Velzen kept building the story of the concept album with tracks about space and space exploration.

To The Moon is a fusion track with hints of jazz and funk. For this track Koen is joined by Ivan Schoelink (Bass), Rick Linzel (Keys) Dominggus Pfaff (Guitar).

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Lift Off is the debut single of Headflow. It is the first single of his concept album: Space. Crossing lines between pop, funk and jazz rock, this track is a cinematic fusion song for people who love the music of Vulfpeck, Cory Wong and Snarky Puppy. For this track, Koen van Velzen (drums) is joined by: Willem de Booij (Bass), Charlotte Hebels (Keys) and Dominggus Pfaff (Guitar).

Out now!

Headflow is for everyone who loves fusion music. The songs have a relaxed, positive and energetic vibe. Listen to Headflow during long (car) travels, to start off your day, or during your workout! Funky drum beats, energetic bass-lines, rich chords and catchy melodies are at the heart of each Headflow track. Headflow is groovy music for music lovers. Headflow is a creative studio project by drummer and producer Koen van Velzen. For each track he invites different musicians to his studio in Rotterdam (NL). Headflow’s music is full of funk, jazz and R&B. Currently Headflow is releasing singles of the first (debut) concept album, which takes the listeners into space. After the successful release of “Lift Off” our journey continues with “To The Moon”. Headflow’s music is influenced by artists like: Vulfpeck, Cory Wong, Snarky Puppy, Anomalie and Tom Misch.
Koen van Velzen
Producer - Drummer


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